2 Home Décor Trends That Are So 2018—and What to Do Instead, According to an Expert 2021

A fan-favorite trend is slowly going out of style. Find out what to try instead for your 2019 home décor updates with these predictions from Zillow.

When home décor trends are constantly shifting, figuring out what to try and what to skip can feel like throwing darts—sometimes you’ll get it right, and other times you won’t even land on the board. 2019 home décor trends, like trends of 2018 and 2017, are full of potential hits and misses, and even some potentially divisive design trend predictions. While chasing trends isn’t always feasible, keeping track of them can make picking a new look when it comes time to renovate a little easier—and Zillow’s new 2019 Home Trend Forecast is introducing a whole new assortment of home design trend predictions to pick and choose from.

Everyone has predictions for 2019 home décor trends, but Zillow’s annual predictions tend to be pretty on the nose—especially for anyone considering a home sale in the coming year. In this latest round of predictions for 2019 interior design trends, Zillow design expert Kerrie Kelly calls out five top design trends for the year—plus two to leave behind in 2018.

Home décor trends to leave in 2018
First, two trends to pass on this year, because avoiding so-called out trends is a lot easier than keeping up with fleeting new ones: overly rustic design and bold, trendy color schemes. Kelly predicts the popular rustic look to get a little more subdued, leaning more toward modern farmhouse chic than full-on rustic. “It may not be gone altogether, but it’s shifting toward a more modern style, pairing rustic elements like barn doors with modern materials like glass or metal,” Kelly says in a press release.

As far as bold, trendy color schemes go, Kelly expects them to be replaced by more subtle, classic palettes with neutral paint colors and cool blues.

2019 home décor trends to try
For general styles, Kelly predicts warm modernist and industrial looks to both become more popular. Warm modernism features stark contrast, raw materials, and other mainstays of modern décor tempered by soft colors and natural elements—think a modern, glass-walled living room with natural-fiber floor coverings and soft gray and white furnishings. The increasing popularity of concrete and metal will give industrial looks a boost, while moody color schemes help bring them to life.

Looking at the details of home décor, Kelly expects organic, artisan accents to appear in rooms across the country; try the look with hand-painted or stitched pieces and natural fibers. Smart home devices and tech will also continue to be incorporated into homes, especially in kitchens, she predicts.

At the same time, Kelly says people will be looking for more ways to disconnect within their homes, mainly by using acoustic panels, sheer fabrics, and colored lights to create havens of peace and quiet.

They may not all be top looks of the year, but expect aspects of each of these top 2019 home décor trend predictions to pop up everywhere in the next twelve months—maybe even in your home.